New Year’s resolutions


Here is my third annual list of New Year’s resolutions, for what it’s worth.  I’ve found that actually writing them down holds me accountable, as does the knowledge that several thousand people know what my goals are.  I’m sure my husband Doo is already planning a pool on which ones I’ll keep and which I will toss by February. But that’s alright, I feel better sharing them.

  1. Be more spontaneous.  Can you plan to be more spontaneous?  I don’t think so, but I can at least keep it in mind as the year rolls along. Hugs, staying up past nine, the occasional Long John Silver’s run: get ready world.  This could get crazy!
  2. Paint our family room.  I’ve been staring at the walls of our main living area now for five months, every day vowing to call a painter.  I’m not entirely sure what’s keeping me from it, but I promise in 2011 that that room will go from sunshine-yellow (the annoying kind that incessantly screams “YOU MUST BE HAPPY!”),  to a sophisticated grey-green (which says “It’s okay to cry today”), even if I have to do it myself.
  3. Take our kids to the Rocky Mountains.  Doo and I have been discussing this for many years, since we both went to college in Colorado, but we always find an excuse to put it off.  Not this summer!  We are making it happen come July, complete with a mini-van, several “Biggest/ Greatest/ Largest” exhibits in the state of Kansas, and enough possibilities for road trip mishaps to make the Griswold’s vacation look like delightful walk in the park. Bring it “Holiday Road”!
  4. Publish a book.  I’ve wanted to publish a book for several years now but this is the first time I will say it out loud, to you, my adoring public.  Maybe if I get it in print, my dream will come true.  Can you imagine a better Mother’s Day gift for the women in your life?  The complete first season of articles by yours truly!  All in a handsomely-bound book for your reading pleasure will be sold, I’m certain, at a very reasonable price of something ninety-five.
  5. Learn to like a new food.  I despise mushrooms, olives, salmon, sushi, and any game meat, like venison or buffalo.  I have decided that in 2011, I will come to enjoy at least one of these foods, preferably one of the first two, as these are in abundance on pizza and in my beloved Italian restaurants. Perhaps I could spontaneously order a mushroom pizza in Denver!
  6. Find a better balance between work and motherhood.  I’m doing okay, but there are many days when I come home exhausted, and the last thing I want to do is be with my family.  A glass of cab and whatever romance/fantasy I’m reading at the time whisper so seductively that I just want to pretend I’m a single, childless woman who lives alone with her three cats, all named after characters from Great Expectations.  I’d like that feeling of resentment to change in 2011.  So I plan (spontaneously of course) to spend ten minutes with each child at bedtime, hearing about his or her day, and just being their mom.

There you have it folks.  My goals for 2011. Here’s wishing you a good one and a chance to meet some resolutions of your own.  Peace out.