Legacy ups offer to $1 million cash for Forest Hill


Unexpected donations have allowed Legacy Christian School to offer $1 million in cash for Forest Hill Elementary School.

The private, Noblesville-based school had previously offered $330,000 for Forest Hill, which will close at the conclusion of this school year. Legacy currently rents space at Noblesville Nazarene Church and is looking for a permanent home. However, the city of Noblesville and Noblesville Schools last week agreed to a deal that gives the city the school for $275,000 in cash and the waiving of fees and required construction associated with the district’s construction of new facilities.

In total, City Council members have said the deal is for about $833,000. During last week’s Noblesville school board and council meetings, the figure of $1.6 million was used to describe the value of the city’s offer. But Councilman Mark Boice said this is amount the district budgeted for these waived costs – not the actual amount.