KNB volunteers will plant daffodil bulbs Saturday


             Volunteers with Keep Noblesville Beautiful (KNB) will be planting 3,000 daffodil bulbs in front of the two brick Noblesville entrance signs on Campus Parkway just west of the I-69 interchange, beginnning at 9 a.m.  Nov. 6.  The bulbs were sponsored by Kroger.

               “We are so grateful that Kroger was willing to support this project for the second year in a row,” said Donna Parker, Vice President of KNB. 

            This is the second annual daffodil planting.  Keep Noblesville Beautiful is an organization that engages citizens in beautifying the city, improving the quality of the environment, and fostering pride in Noblesville. 

          For more information, email or call Melissa at 776-6325 or 385-5328.