Today’s it’s all about me – part 3


In my last two columns, I mentioned how on a recent date I started thinking of how easy it is for us to judge a book by its cover, since my date said I wasn’t at all what he’d expected. So I’m sharing a bit of my story with you!

Because of my strict upbringing and homeschooling out on the prairie lands of Oklahoma, the most exposure I had to the outside world was when I started opera lessons at age 12 and began competing, chaperoned of course, across the United States.

I met my ex-husband at my church when I was 16; we divorced a year after my daughter was born. His job eventually moved him here to Indianapolis and after marrying him in 1996, I then moved to Carmel. I faced a little culture shock at first. I had a hard time getting used to people being a bit unfriendly compared to my home, but thankfully I’ve made amazing friends and I am truly grateful for that! I was also surprised how it was so acceptable for people to drink alcohol. From where I came, alcohol was more acceptable in certain communities, but it’s still a very different mentality in Oklahoma.

I crack up when people assume I’m the classic definition of high maintenance; I rarely shop and I’m all about getting in my comfy jeans and doing low key, relaxing activities. I like a simple life and miss the days of four-wheeling in the country, and pot lucks.

These days, I am a sales representative and I write this column. I’m a relationship coach, still occasionally break out the opera, do commercials, work a plethora of other part-time jobs, and my best job of all is raising my daughter.

I think I’ve come a long way from the country gal who shot snakes and rode her horse without a bridle or saddle. But despite whatever vibe I’m unknowingly putting off, I will disagree with anyone who thinks I may be high maintenance. It’s certainly a lesson for me to not judge a book by its cover!

Hopefully you enjoyed getting to know more about me as I have many of you readers out there through your kind emails. Thanks for reading and thank you for giving me a chance to share too!