The time of their lives


Back in my day we learned shorthand to expedite the letters our bosses needed to get the word of their businesses out to the public.  The words used were fully said, but the transcription was written in shorthand.  Thoughts were captured and exacted fully.

Today, it appears, everyone speaks and transcribes thoughts in quick-time, especially our kids. Even the political climate coerces us into shorthand conclusions, with little opportunity to look at the whole picture before coming to thought inducing decisions.

Are you a shorthand parent?  Do you speak to your kids expecting instant cooperation and results?  Do you respond to your kids in shorthand?  With our modern technology, as innovative as it is, are we shortchanging the lives of our kids in order to accommodate  quick time lifestyles?

There’s a line in the book “The Secret Life of Bees” which reminds me of this.  “The hardest thing to do is to choose what matters.”

We need to think about this each and every time we respond to our children’s needs.  What matters more to our children? That the house be spotless or they live with spotless values?

That we spend long hours working to make more money or that we spend long hours working to make them better people? That we tell them how to behave or that we role-model the behavior we want them to learn?

If you’ve chosen the latter of what matters in each of the above sentences, then you know this cannot be done in shorthand.  Children are whole beings.  They cannot be truncated or abbreviated.  It takes years to develop a child into becoming a respectable and respected adult.

This modern age technology is stealing our thought provoking time from our kids.  Shorthand disciplines result in short-term solutions causing long-term consequences, consequences that will prevent our kids from being able to choose what matters.  What matters here, in treating the whole child, is to choose to give our children the time of their lives.  Hugs!