Letter: Vote for Snedeker



I am writing to encourage residents of District 5 to vote for Kate Healey Snedeker for Westfield City Council Nov. 5. Kate has a passion for civil service and  experience in local government. She is a concerned citizen running for city council because she was alarmed by the negative tone of the May city council races. Kate loves Westfield and wants to make it better. She is a dedicated mom, wife, business owner, school employee and friend who loves our community and wants to work collaboratively to make our community better for our residents. She doesn’t have a personal agenda or a negative approach to challenges our growing community faces, just a love for our community and a willingness to put her experience and skills to use! Please visit her Facebook page to learn more about her vision for our community at @KateForCouncil.  

Vote Kate Healey Snedeker Nov. 5!

Amber Huff Willis, WWS School Board of Trustees member