City of Fishers’ summer road construction projects under way


The City of Fishers has released a list of summer construction projects that are under way. They include widening roads, roundabout construction and more.

“These projects will improve the safety of our motorists and pedestrians – the top priority of the City of Fishers’ engineering team,” Director of Engineering Jason Taylor stated “As a bustling, vibrant community, it is also essential that our roadways are designed for optimal traffic flow. We ask for our community’s patience as we work to improve our roadways and trails around the city. These improvements are vital as we continue to grow our city.”

Projects include:

Allisonville Road, first and second phase

Construction has begun on the second phase of the Allisonville Road project, which includes widening the two-lane roadway to four lanes, comprised of two northbound and tow southbound lanes, from the bridge at Smock Creek to the River Highlands intersection. New lighting and pedestrian trails on each side of the road will be installed. The cost is approximately $1.6 million, which is locally funded.  

The first phase includes resurfacing and striping and intersection improvements at 131st Street and 126th Street, which is still under construction. Both intersections will change from single-lane signalized intersections to signalized intersections with multiple lane approaches. Phase 1 is primarily federally funded (80 percent for 131st Street and 90 percent for 126th Street) with an estimated total cost of $9.3 million.

Both phases are expected to conclude this summer.

126th Street and Parkside Drive 

A roundabout is under construction at the intersection of 126th Street and Parkside Drive. The median will change to a raised concrete curb at the intersection of 126th Street and Enterprise Drive/Reynolds Drive to allow for right-turn-only movements. Left turns in the area will use the roundabout to improve safety and traffic flow. 126th Street remains open but has been reduced to one lane in each direction during construction. The project costs approximately $1.7 million and is 90 percent federally funded. The roundabout is expected to be complete in September.

96th Street

Utility work is under way on 96th Street as part of the road widening project, which includes adding more lanes on 96th Street between Lantern Road and Cumberland Road. Periodic lane restrictions are in place. During this project, the bridge over Mud Creek will be replaced with a widened structure. A roundabout will be added to the intersection of 96th Street and Sargent Road. Pedestrian pathways will be installed on both sides of 96th Street. The project is 80 percent federally funded and costs approximately $8.5 million. 

136th Street and Cyntheanne Road 

Utility work is under way at 136th Street and Cyntheanne Road to prepare for roundabout construction. The four-way stop intersection will be converted to a one-lane roundabout. Temporary lane restrictions are in effect while utility work is completed, and the intersection will close for approximately 45 days this summer while the roundabout is built.  

Road resurfacing

Neighborhoods including Timber Springs, Hamilton Proper and Hawthorne Ridge will have their roadways resurfaced as part of Phase 1 of the project. Resurfacing also will occur on 121st Street between Cumberland Road and Hoosier Road and on Cumberland Road north of 121st Street to I-69 during Phase 1.

In addition, the city will work with Hamilton County to resurface 113th Street from Florida Road to Southeastern Parkway and Connecticut Avenue between Cyntheanne Road and east of Atlantic Road/Southeastern Parkway. 

Phase 2 will occur later this summer and will include New Britton Woods, Geist Woods, Allisonville Road from approximately 146th Street to 131st Street, Hague Road from 116th Street to the railroad tracks south of 106th Street, Brooks School Road from approximately Club Pointe Drive to Fall Creek Road and Kincaid Drive from 106th Street to 96th Street.

State Road 37

Drainage work for Ind. 37 is in progress. Construction vehicles may cause short delays. Construction is slated to begin this summer, starting with the intersection of 126th Street and Ind. 37. For more, visit


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