City of Fishers, Fishers Parks and Recreation Dept. partner on city’s first-ever October Farmers Market


By Jessica Hoover

Every Saturday through the end of October, the City of Fishers and Fishers Parks & Recreation are hosting the first-ever October Farmers Market from 9 a.m. to noon at Holland Park.

The market features vendors and farmers in indoor and outdoor spaces. They sell items such as seasonal produce, pumpkins, squash, mums and baked goods, among other products.


“We’re very excited to be starting the market in October,” Parks & Recreation Director Sarah Sandquist said. “We’ve had a lot of feedback from the community that they were interested in extending the market through October. There’s a lot of produce left still to harvest and to make available to the community.”

Sandquist said purchasing items from the farmers market is an ideal way to support local farmers and vendors.

“In order to be a vendor at the farmers market, everything has to be locally sourced and created,” Sandquist said. “In prepared food, we make sure all of their ingredients are locally sourced, so you know that you’re not buying a tomato that has been sitting on a truck traveling from 2,000 miles away that was picked when it was green and chemically ripened. You know that it was grown in Indiana with care by local farmers.”

The Winter Farmers Market will return every Saturday from Nov. 3 through March 16, 2019 at Holland Park from 9 a.m. to noon. Sandquist said some items to look forward to are the cold-weather crops, pasteurized meat, jellies and honey, baked goods, prepared foods and more. The winter market also will feature cooking demonstrations and events like National Winnie the Pooh Day Jan. 19, 2019, which will focus on the market’s honey vendors.


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