Swan Software Solutions partners with Purdue Foundry to aid entrepreneurs


A new partnership recently was forged between Swan Software Solutions, a software company that creates custom application development for the cloud and mobile devices, and Purdue Foundry, an organization aiding startups in placing ideas on the marketplace.

From left, the Swan Software Solutions team, Director of Business Solutions Martin Czyzewski, President and CEO Alex Morozov, Director of Operations Shannon Krueger, Vice President of Public Relations Alla Morozov and Sales Apprentice Jackson Clanton. (Submitted photo)

As a part of the partnership, Swan Software Solutions will provide a free discovery, analysis and assessment for all startups engaged with the Purdue Foundry. The assessment typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000, and it serves as the startup’s blueprint to justify a vision or an idea.

“Once (the startups) get through (the Purdue Foundry) training, Swan is going to step in and help do assessments on their mobile application or web application,” said Martin Czyzewski, Swan Software Solutions director of business solutions.

Swan Software Solutions President and CEO Alex Morozov said the partnership fits the company’s model. He said he wanted his business to do more than just allocate funds to support the Purdue Foundry. He said the strategic partnership of offering services to entrepreneurs within the foundry came from wanting to support local business.

Prior to Swan’s partnership, Purdue Foundry didn’t have a team in place to offer the free assessments, meaning the startups needed to raise money to complete the assessment.

“We are helping them out right out of the box when they finish training,” Czyzewski said. “They will have that assessment in hand and know exactly what is needed to turn it into a real business.”

Morozov said he expects 10 to 12 startups coming out of the Purdue Foundry to take advantage of Swan’s services each year.

The traditional format for the Purdue Foundry is a pitch night where potential businesses announce their ideas. As part of the partnership, Swan Software Solutions is changing the environment of one of the pitch nights and placing it in the art gallery in its building at 706 Pro-Med Lane in Carmel. The first pitch night is planned for next month, but it will not be open to the public.

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