Carmel Clay Schools to ‘temporarily postpone’ changes to high-ability program


Carmel Clay Schools has decided to “temporarily postpone” the implementation of the Total School Cluster Grouping model, which was planned to begin for the 2018-19 school year.

The TSCG model places high-ability and general education elementary students in the same classrooms. Currently, high-ability students are taught in their own classrooms by a teacher with training to meet their learning needs.

After CCS announced the change to the TSCG model March 13, many parents of high-ability students expressed concerns.

“After considering their comments and questions, we have decided to temporarily postpone the implementation to further review and coordinate the HA program change with other parts of the elementary school program review,” states an email from CCS administrators sent March 31.

Each elementary campus will have meetings led by the principal after spring break to discuss the TSCG model, answer questions and gather feedback. The district is planning meetings for May for parents to learn about the Elementary Program Evaluation, which led to the decision to switch to TSCG.

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  1. While most parents of the GT kids are happy to see some stepping back and consideration of this issue, we’re very cynical about the ‘delay’ message. This was sent out on the Saturday before Spring Break and is seen as an attempt to cool down the feelings–before going ahead with the plan, regardless of parental input. The letter doesn’t state they’re actually delaying implementation–they are just delaying making the final announcement of implementation.

    It’s an unfortunately cynical view, but with the manner in which this has been rolled out, we’re more than a little leery of any communications. The prevailing view is that after the delay for consideration and meetings the announcement will be along the lines of “It’s too late to change course now, we have to go ahead with the planned implementation.”

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