Letter: Safety a ‘high priority’



In response to a recent letter regarding truck traffic on Keystone Parkway. We thought it would be good to clarify things for all residents.

Due to the U.S. 31 construction project, the City of Carmel agreed to allow trucks to use Keystone Parkway on a temporary basis. This arrangement was not just for the U.S. 31 closure, which took place last summer, but for the duration of the U.S. 31 improvement project in Carmel, which is scheduled to be completed in late 2015. Although the highway is open, it is still subject to reduced speed limits and lane restrictions. Those restrictions will increase this spring as construction ramps up once again. Keystone Parkway will continue to be a detour route until the completion of the U.S. 31 project.

Both INDOT and the City of Carmel agree that the safety of construction workers along the highway is a high priority and removing large trucks from the construction zone is one way to increase safety. Once the project is complete, the trucks will return to using U.S. 31 and will not be permitted to use Keystone Parkway, except for local deliveries.

Jeremy Kashman

City Engineer